Birthday @ Little Fashion Party



This is where the magic happens. The black vinyl under our feet. The spotlight cast.

The music pumping through the speakers. The smiles shining through.


Birthdays are a time of celebration, of fun and laughter, of new experiences, and budding opportunity. Together

with their peers, the young ones are prepared for an afternoon of chance, of excitement, and of exuberance. It is on

this very stage, where the magic happens.





We believe in making memories, and every experience counts. From the tiniest of moments, to the big and beautiful

recollections. Boxes of trinkets to commemorate the occasion are presented to each child; With each package

containing little memoirs to enjoy and collect. We seek to let every child have a little something to own, and provide

them with little surprises that may leave them grinning from ear to ear.





A fashion party should never be absent of colour and design. Every detail reflects the theme. From a simple door gift,

to the elaborate stage design. We know how to create an atmosphere of fun and parties, and we want to do that

for your child’s special day.





We aim to personalise the experience. We seek to allow the young ones to develop a sense of confidence, Providing

them with platform to show us who they are, and what they can do.

Let us bring out their flair, and let it shine on stage.





From tip to toe, inside and outside, Hair, make up, styling, We will assist in the transformation. It is always a pleasant

surprise for us when we see how much confidence the young ones exude when they feel good about their

appearance. And we are certain our spectators will feel the same too. Give us the chance to create these precious

memories for them.





Creativity flows through every child, and we can see the magic that happens when we provide tangible

experiences for every individual.

Art, music, song, dance, movement. Let their ingenuity flow.


A variety of avenues to keep them engaged have been meticulously planned. It is always a pleasure to see the fruits

of their imagination. And we believe you will feel the same too.





An atmosphere of enjoyment will resound throughout Impact Models Studio. Themed backdrops will line the walls,

Where the young ones can play and use costumes and accessories to create a picture to remember.





We wish to capture that special moment.

Photographs of a party filled with fun and fashion,

With excitement from friends well loved,

We want to create these keepsakes for your child on that special day.






Let us work together to make memories on your child’s special day.