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Calin, Parent
Jessica, Child Model

I got to know about Impact Models through a friend who told me that Impact Models has the most...

Varkha, Parent
Ashwin, Child Model

Since becoming a model, Ashwin has become more confident and outgoing learning many social...

Sandra, Parent
Scarlett, Child Model

A friend recommended Impact Models as the premier modelling agency for children in...

Edith, Parent
Alexis, Child Model
Alexis was a very shy boy. He neither talked much nor expressed himself when he first joined...
Hwei Wen, Parent
Khee Yi, Child Model

I joined Impact Models 5 years ago. All my kids are with Impact, and loves going there as all...

Sharifah, Parent
Aaqilah, Child Model
Aaqilah used to be a shy girl. However since joining Impact Models, she has certainly grown in...
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