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Why join modelling?
Many people think modelling is about being beautiful and confident from the very start. However, here at Impact Models Studio, we focus on developing the innate sense of style the child may have, applying it to the development of their stage presence, their posture, their self-confidence, and even their catwalk.
We help to develop all these traits, and give your child platforms to grow both internally and externally. For this is where modelling begins
How to join modelling?
Firstly, fill in our application form, which can be found under the “Join Us” tab. After you’ve sent in the details, we will arrange for you and your child to come by for an interview, so that we may assess your child, as well as provide you with all the relevant information before you decide if you’d like to commit to modelling.

Taking that step would require the children to go through training, learning the basics of photographic modelling as well the foundation for catwalk and choreography. Preparing your child is of utmost importance.

Our models will then be required to build their portfolios, and with the picture selected for their modelling profile, we will promote them for assignments with our wide spectrum of clients, providing opportunites for the child models to gain experiences and develop their sense of modelling.

Others enquiry do contact the staff at
+65 6536 9668 or alternative
you can send us an email @