Impact Models Studio is one of the pioneers in the modelling industry, as well as one of the leaders in the field of child modelling. Led by a dedicated team of professionals, we strive to share our expertise with all the parents and children who come through our doors.
Over the years, Impact Models Studio endeavour to consistently provide the highest quality representation for our models, as well as the best professional services and advice to our valued clients.
We guide our models into taking those baby steps, leading them to a gateway of opportunities ranging from fashion shows, television commercials, event launches, fashions spreads, various print media and so much more. Recognising and valuing each individual for their talents, we tap on these traits to bring out the best in each and every child.
Impact Models Studio is committed to recruiting new faces and talents, providing our valued clients a vast pool of models and services. Not only do we recruit, but also, we strongly believe in getting to know our models and their parents, ensuring they are well equipped with knowledge of the industry before any representation.
Modelling services aside, we give children a platform to express themselves, through the various modelling courses and portfolio sessions provided here at Impact Models Studio. Our child modelling courses help children who wish to build their confidence, improve their posture, develop their social skills, as well as let them have an experience of what modelling is about. The portfolio session services we provide for children allow them to experience the process of a photo shoot; from hair and make up, posing, and working with a photographer in a studio setting. The exposure to these elements adds on to the child’s experience pool. Parents will also have a keepsake of their children during those growing years as well.
All in all, we work towards providing professional services to our valued clients, as well as a platform for children to grow; for this is where modelling begins.