How do I sign up my child to join Impact Models Studio?
Firstly, fill in the application form located on our join page. Please standby an image or two of your child, as you will be required to upload the images along with the form.
Once the application form has been received, we will contact you within 7 working days. Our Beloved Team will arrange a meeting to interview you and your child, as we will need to assess your child’s suitability for modelling in terms of both looks and attitude. During this meeting session we will provide you with all the relevant information before you make a decision to join us here at Impact Models Studio.
At what age can my child join modelling?
We take in models as young as 3 months all the way up to 12 years of age.
Do you accept every child who attends the interview?
No, we do not accept any child who attends the interview. As a reputable modelling agency, we are selective of the children we accept.
The children will need to have the potential to advance, as well as the passion and temperament to sustain in the industry.
Parent’s attitude and ability to commit will also be taken into consideration.
How do you assess my child to see if he/she is suitable for modelling?
An initial interview will help us to assess your child, and see if he/she is comfortable with people, does not have social anxiety, and generally gauge their level of social interaction. A parent’s assessment will be held as well.
Do I have to pay any upfront fees?
Yes, fees for the modelling course or the portfolio session will be part of the process for child modelling at Impact Models Studio.
Do I have to sign my child up for the modelling course or portfolio session?
Yes, the course or the portfolio sessions will help the agency and the staff to fully assess the child’s capabilities, strengths, attitude, as well as their development. This process will aid us in providing clients with relevant information regarding the child model before sending them for assignments.
Can my child be represented by more than one agency, or freelance?
No, freelancing and joining of other agencies will not be allowed for models of Impact Models Studio, and this is part of our contract. It is unprofessional if our talent does this, and it is by no means a standard practice in the industry.
Does joining the agency mean my child will get assignments, and how much will the wage be?
No, we do not guarantee any assignments, as there are factors we cannot control, such as child’s performance, client’s requests, etc. The wages vary, dependent on the type of assignment.
What kind of assignments do you send the child models to?
The assignments range from photo shoots for covers of magazines, fashion spreads, editorials to commercials for products, property ads, event launches, television commercials, etc.
Does the agency take a commission?
Yes, the agency does take a commission of 25% per assignment.
What is an audition?
An audition can also be known as a casting. This is the process where the decision to select the child for an assignment is made. It begins with a photo presentation to the clients based on the specific brief given by the clients. The client then selects the model they wish to see in person to ensure they are suitable for the assignment. Auditions are usually held during working hours on weekdays at the client’s office or a requested location. At a casting, the child may be photographed, asked to try on clothes, or to showcase their skills in front of the camera.
Does my child need to skip school for auditions or assignments?
Yes, in most auditions and assignments they will be held on a weekday.
Is there a penalty fee if I withdraw my child from the agency?
There is no penalty fee involved for child models who wish to withdraw. There is a one-month notice in writing that is required from the parents, before the termination of the contract can take effect.